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Be Grateful And Wise


Gratitude Should Be Your Attitude!

Gratitude is always in order, but especially on Thanksgiving. It’s one tradition that has persisted, and rightly so. It’s rooted in our national heritage. The first settlers owe a huge debt of gratitude to the First Americans –the Indian tribes that graciously shared their crops with the starving Pilgrims. What might have happened to the Great American experiment had all the Pilgrims starved to death? Thankfully, they didn’t because of the kindness of those First Americans.

 Wisdom Is In Order Too

More than 25 million Americans have diabetes. Some of my readers have shared their stories, as I have, about their struggle to manage the disease. The problem is so many millions more are not even aware they are pre-diabetic, meaning they will likely develop Type 2 diabetes without significant lifestyle changes.

So Be Grateful And Wise!

So on this history-rich day that we still celebrate with calorie and carb-rich foods, let’s be wise. There are some great tips for a successful Thanksgiving day at DiabetesCare. Find them at: diabetescare.com.
Be grateful for all your blessings of life, health and strength….and be wise as well!

(c) 2012 Virginia A. Stanley