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Seizing The Day


Bobby has been around for a while now, and he’s glad about it.

A leaner, wiser, new and improved Bobby

I   ” sat down” a  few days ago with Bobby on  Facebook.  He had read my story about facing the challenge of diabetes and wanted to share his own story.  According to him, back in 1999, he couldn’t party like it was 1999 because he discovered he had a clot on his brain.  He went under the knife for 8 hours.  Three months later he was back at work.  He survived but had a series of seizures and strokes, over the course of  the next  5 years.


”   1999 Seizure (2) hospitalized (3) days.……God is good

2001 Seizure hospitalized (2) days …..God is good

2003 Seizure (2) hospitalized (2) days ……..God is good

2005 Stroke hospitalized (8) days motor skills affected 3 %……God is good

2005 Seizure hospitalized (2)……God is good

2006 Stroke hospitalized (7) days motor skills affected another 3%…….God is good

2006 Seizure hospitalized (2) days…….God is good


   During these trials I was able to work and go to school and maintain a 3.3 gpa…. God has shown me what love is.   Thank you God!”  “There’s value in every situation in life.” he said.  You can only say that once you’ve experienced life in all its duality.

That was 6 years ag0.  It’s 2012 and now, he’s partying like it’s 1999.  Well, truthfully, he’s not partying that much anymore.  At least, not like he used to.  His parties are a lot less wild and crazy and a whole lot more sane and purposeful.  He’s got work to do: he’s got to seize the day and squeeze it for all its worth!