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Yes, my name is really Virginia.  And I live in Virginia.   I am  a grad student at a local university,and in my spare time, I’m  an EMT and a Chaplain. I also own a small business.  A funny thing has been happening to me all my life.  Something in my face or my demeanor seems to trigger people to say, either out loud or in their hearts, “Hey, Virginia!”  and my ears automatically go into “listen” mode.

So I decided that if  I am going to be pulled  into people’s life=stories, like some sort of  heart whisperer, , then they will have to agree to let me use their experience  for the benefit of all man, and woman, kind.

The stories I share on this site were told to me by real people, in the city of Virginia Beach, in the state of Virginia, in the United States.   When faced with a potentially– or actual– life-threatening situation or just a moment of extreme clarity, they found the courage to do one thing……just one thing different, in their lives and it has changed them in profound ways.  I daresay the experience was so profound, they couldn’t keep it to themselves.  Loudly, softly, directly or via ESP, they had to share their experience….had to tell somebody.

And by God’s grace,  I was there…… to listen, and  to mine the treasures of wisdom and knowledge to be gained from their life=changing experiences.

I hope  their stories inspire someone else,  in Virginia or out,  to find the courage to overcome the things that keep them from being the complete, unique, individuals God created them to be.

If that’s you, leave a comment or send an email to uhheyvirginia@gmail.com and I’ll raise up my antenna for ‘ya!