There’s Nothing Scary About It…Really

Four Weeks Ago

“So, you’re going to the doctor? ” I asked Valerie, the manager of the store we sell some of our time to a few days a week.

“Yeah.”  she said.

“Everything ok?” I probed.  “Uhmhmm.  Just getting a prescription.”

I quickly squashed the thought that popped into my head.  Since we work so closely together, I mean like touching the same things, was there something I needed to be concerned about?  She heard my thoughts and said, “Yeah.  I’ve been putting it off for a while now but I’m just gonna go ahead and do it.”

“What’s that?” I probed further.

“I’m gonna get a prescription for Chantix.”

The soon-to-be ex-smoker

I breathed a silent sigh of relief.   “Oh, because you’re trying to quit smoking?”  “Yeah” she said. “I’m really tired of it.”  “Wow…that’s great.  That’s a wonderful thing.  I’m glad you’re doing it.  ”

“Yeah…my husband is too…” “Oh, he doesn’t smoke?” I asked. “Nope!”  “Never?”  “Nope!”    Instantly, although I have never met Bubba,  I admired and respected  him for loving Valerie despite her indulging for the last 30 years, in what I know personally is a nasty, smelly, offensive and expensive habit.

‘Then that’s a double good thing! “I said, really happy about her decision to do what studies on smoking said could add fifteen years to her life.  (I really said that…I sometimes wax corny.)

Two Weeks Later…..

Standing by the water-cooler at work, which is actually not a water-cooler but a counter where we all sometimes take an unscheduled break from our assigned tasks and eat, or chat, I asked Val how it was going with the Chantix program.

“Some of the side effects I heard on TV  are pretty….uh…scary you know.”  “Yeah” she said,  “but there’s nothing scary about it, really.  The only bad thing that happened is I took the pill once on an empty stomach and I felt really nauseous but other than that, I feel fine.  I’m amazed that I don’t even have the desire for a cigarette.  I mean, the thought doesn’t even enter into my head…”

I went cold turkey something like a decade or two ago so this is really amazing to me, too.”You don’t want to go out and have one now?” I wasn’t trying to tempt her. I was just….really amazed.

‘N0pe.  I just wonder….at the end of the three months, when the program is over, what’s gonna happen? Will I go back to wanting to smoke again?”

“I really wouldn’t worry about that right now.  You look good, you sound happy, your husband and kids are happy so just….you know, enjoy that and cross that bridge when you get there.”

“Yeah…you’re right.  There must be some kind of beta blocker or something because I have not even had a thought of having a cigarette in two weeks!!!”

Her enthusiasm was not lost on me.  We would have celebrated or something but we were at work.

Inspired by her story, I wrote a little ditty that goes like this:  every time there’s something you need to do, but don’t or won’t or can’t seem to do, a seed of guilt grows inside of you.  So here’s a tip:  why don’t you…. just push thru, the pain or shame or fear or what have you, and do the thing, that one thing, you know you need to do and grow a change inside of you?

It’s sort of my version of IYADWYHADYWAHWYHAH, i.e. If you always do what you have always done, you will always have what you have always had….

Valerie was tired of smoking….the smell of it, the cost of it, the effects of it and she decided to try to quit smoking…..once and for all.  Chantix was not her first foray into the whirlpool of stop-smoking-formulas.  The patch, the pill, the electronic cigarette, cold turkey, were all options, but none of them worked.

This is not to say Chantix will work for you.  It’s just to say that if  you’re not satisfied with your life, or life has thrown you a curve ball and hit you upside the head, DO something, ideally something you have never done before.   Plant some different thoughts, some different words, some different actions and watch something new….and different…..and amazing grow in its place: a new YOU.

There’s nothing scary about it……really……

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